I have so much to say today...

First of all, Sunday's walk was excellent! Here is the "unofficial" team photo (we were missing two people at this point)

The sun was shining, the sky was blue...and the wind was extra crisp!

While overwhelmed by the amount of people, I still managed to keep my emotions in check. I think that I was more concerned with the task at hand: don't step on anyone, don't get stepped on, and keep a decent pace so that I would be able to finish the walk. Corina, Madison, and I walked four kilometers. We probably could have walked further, but instead, chose to line up for a free submarine sandwich!

After the walk, Corina and I returned home (after meeting up with Jason, Jason, Davina, and Gil to give them a final push on their 17 km walk) and had a rest. Later that afternoon, most of Em's Slackers made it back to our house for a, "You're So Awesome" team thank-you party. What a feast!

Jason and I could not have pulled of such a gathering without the help of Mom-Florence, Dad-Gil, Corina, Jason and Shaun. Thank you all!

A colourful sampling of our feast:

We would also like to thank everyone who walked and pledged our walkers...wherever they walked! We will keep you posted on our final fundraising total.

On another is a PID...and I am feeling pretty decent. If anything, I think that I'm still just a bit tired from I knew that I would hard feelings. I even woke up around 4 o'clock this morning and didn't have any discomfort! woohoo!




corina said...
April 30, 2008 at 4:54 p.m.

thanks for sharing pics em. what a wonderful experience! can't wait til next year :)

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