Rebif Woes

Last night, I skipped my Rebif injection. I didn't forget about it, and I wasn't intentionally giving my skin a break (although it is a benefit of skipping, and probably needed). No, I am protecting my liver. sigh.

The doctor has yet to review my most recent blood work, but the MS Clinic nurse was compelled to phone me and ask a few questions about my lifestyle when she discovered that my AST (one of the two measured liver enzymes) is the highest it has ever been. The troubling part for me is that it is the highest, despite me weighing more than ten pounds less than I did at my previous high. Outside forces that could change the enzymes are alcohol consumption and increased acetaminophen intake - neither of which apply to me. I tried to blame the increase on my less-than-stellar eating habits.

*the other measured liver enzyme is the ALT, which if I remember correctly, was actually the higher (and disconcerting) of the two numbers

So Dr. E. will review my blood work today: the options, as discussed by myself and the nurse, are to either terminate the Rebif therapy or cut back to 22mcg (which I can't do without a new prescription). I'm pretty sure that following my latst MRI, I expressed here in my blog that I feel the Rebif is working for me - terminating the therapy is the last thing that I want to do.

Little bits about my life with MS

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