this week

I'm here - hanging out with the fam. I might not post too much for the next two weeks. We have a lot of "plans" for the next few's going to be busy. We might try to catch a Toronto Jays game, do some bead shopping, play some games, hang with little people...

Jason and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday (or fifth, if you were to ask me). Time sure does fly!

I passed through airport security with my Rebif...sent the syringes through the x-ray. I didn't say anything, and neither did they. How boring!



random thoughts, and a confession

First, I will confess...

I was a "Blockhead". In their heyday, I was a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan: posters, cassette tapes, buttons, concerts, countless hours watching and re-watching music videos. You may or may not know this, but NKOTB has reunited! They have a forthcoming CD, and a fall tour scheduled (the Toronto show at the ACC is already sold out!).

Yesterday, they appeared on the Today show, and performed as a part of the Today Show Summer Concert series. I watched video of the appearance, and sang along...just like all the other thirty-somethings in the crowd of thousands...and Jason.

What a well-timed comeback. And yes, I will probably download the new CD when it comes out.

And now for my random thought -

I suppose that this random thought starts as a confession - I watch America's Next Top Model. I can't say that I have seen every season, but once I start a season, I don't stop. I'm not a fan of Tyra Banks, I'm not a reality television junkie, and I'm not a fan of high fashion. I watch it for the "art" - the make-up, the wardrobe, the sets. Ok, and yes, I do like to watch the contestants interact.

This season, for the first time ever, a full-figured woman won the crown of America's Next Top Model.

I'm going to get right to my point. Whitney, the winner, wears between a size 10 and size 12. That is below the national average(size 14)! So should we be happy that a "full-figured" (formerly know as "plus" size, and currently known on the street as "juicy") woman won - or should we be angry that the "defining" size of "a juicy, plus, full-figured" woman has decreased!?

Why couldn't it have been as simple as the best woman won?



c'est la vie

Well, I had a good run. I don't mean a physical run...I mean a good go. A good streak. A string of good days. Only plagued by tiredness.

And then I got wobbly. And tired. And still tired.

I'm chalking up yesterday's wobbles as a bad PID. It all started on Monday night, a couple of hours after my injection. I got terribly achy, chilly, exhausted, and unsettled in my tummy. I thought for sure that it was going to be a rotten night.

Well the night went well, after I managed to fall asleep. And I awoke on Tuesday with wobbles. C'est la vie.

I have been thinking that when I see my MS doctor in July, he might bump up my injection to the full dose...since I'm practically coasting along.

What else...

Jason and I are on vacation, starting on Sunday! We are off to the land of Nickel, Two-Penny, Ladyfingers, Dude, Annie...and B. Yes, I'm going on a vacation too.

Which reminds me...

Twice, in the past two months, I have been asked what I "do". I assumed the question to mean, "What is your means of income", or "What do you do with your time", or "Where do you work". The first time that I answered, "Nothing", it felt a bit strange. The lady that asked looked a bit stupefied by my response. I'm really not one to beat around the bush...or embellish.

The second time that I answered, "Nothing", I was met with,

"Wow. Did you win the lottery?"

I should have said, "Why, yes I did".


lucky me

I went to the eye doctor today, just for a check-up...and because I need prescription sunglasses. I mentioned my health "incident" and that I have MS. I have been told by all the neurologists that my optic nerve was spared in my attack(s), but I wanted to make sure.

Sure optic nerve looks the same as it did 2 1/2 years ago! And according to the "click when you see a fuzzy on the screen" test, the nerves are working fine. It's kind of weird, looking at pictures of the workings in behind your "outside" eyes.

Have you had your eyes checked recently?


Chef Emily

Do you remember a few posts ago, I mentioned that I have an opportunity and a desire to try out new foods? That was, and is, a totally true statement. Although some people snickered at this, because I am by no means, a cook...or a connoisseur of exotic foods. I am barely even a baker.

I have a kitchen that a number of people would love to have as their has space, gadgets, utensils, a walk-in pantry, and lots of light. It also has three junk drawers, and a whole cupboard devoted to an extra large can of coffee.

Today, Jason returned to work, so I have been left to fend for myself for food. I have slept most of the day away, and managed to survive solely on a bowl of Mini Wheats cereal (with blueberries on top), and a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich following my three hour nap. I had plans for today, which included picking up a roasted chicken at the grocery store, but I have been under the weather, and laid on the couch instead.

While sprawled on the couch, I read the most recent issue of Chatelaine magazine, and for once, even read the food pages. After first flipping to the photos of the newest Trudeau, I casually stumbled back to the beginning of the magazine...until I was captivated by a picture of an omelet!

***hold on to your feathers ladyfingers, this is about to embarrass me more than it embarrasses you***


I have never cooked an omelet before. I have eaten omelets. I have watched ladyfingers prepare omelets for Jason. I have heard the "milk or water" debate. However, they simply have never interested me until now! An omelet for dinner is much better than having cereal for the second dinner in a row (and for the second time today)!

So what, after all this time, turned me on to omelets? The golden ingredient (which I had in my pantry) was black olives! I didn't even hesitate...I read the page on how to cook the omelet, and got myself off the couch, and heated up the pan! Eggs, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green onion, and black olives. In my opinion, it looked like, and tasted like the best omelet ever!

I am so proud of myself!


filling in the blank

Lately, I have found that my concentration has been heavily directed towards things other than my bits. And when I concentrate - I fry my brain!

So, I have a week of bits to share with you!

1. Let's start off with Rebif - my three times a week injection. It has been going really, really well. The burning sensation that happens during the 12 second injection is decreasing. The flu-like symptoms within the next 24 hours are pretty much non-existent. I received my new pharma-care deductible letter in the mail last week, and we should have that met before the end of June. The only thing is that I do have some discomfort in all six of my injection areas. Oh well.

2. I have begun the process of filling out my Canada Pension Plan Disability Application. What an ordeal this is! I have to "paint a real life picture" of my life, cleverly hidden where it can be easily viewed, in the answers to the one line questions. I am filling out this application because it is required of me, as a part of my Long Term Disability benefit with my employer.

3. Jason has been off of work for the past week with vertigo. Yes, it's been the wobbly and spiny show here at our house. It has been enlightening for Jason and I to be in somewhat reversed roles. I don't like to watch him struggle, and he has a better idea of what I experience. What has made his situation even scarier is the timing of it. Had his symptoms started one month later, he would have been close to being a copy of me, two years ago.

4. With Jason being spiny - I have driven the car for any trips that we have made.

Ok. We're all caught up...and just in time, because my head is starting to squeeze!

Little bits about my life with MS

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