what a wonderful day

I am feeling good today - and I took full advantage of it. The key now, is to STOP. I need to pace myself when I am doing well, because I never know what tomorrow (or one hour from now) will bring.

I rolled out of bed this morning at nine o'clock, and I knew as soon as my feet hit the floor, that I was feeling good. Knowing that Jason is off work tomorrow, and we have some errands to do, I thought that if I was to complete some of the errands today...

So I did. I evaluated what I could do and should do and set up some "rules" for myself:

1. use your rockstar parking permit
2. don't go further than KP
3. only get from the mall what you went for - NO WINDOW SHOPPING
4. if before you leave the house you feel the slightest bit off - DON'T GO
5. take your cell phone
6. don't rush
7. accept that if you are tired, wobbly, achy, or any combination of those later...THAT'S OK.

I did it! I even stopped at Safeway on the way home to check out how far in advance I would need to order cupcakes for a get together.

Yesterday, Tuesday, not so good. I was achy, nauseas, fuzzy headed, and tired. Today, Wednesday...clear head, clear stomach, with a mild amount of pep in my step.

So now, I will rest.



corina said...
April 16, 2008 at 5:44 p.m.

yay for good days! maybe if saturday is a good day we could hang out in the spring sun :)

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