I thought that it was time to share an update on my injections.

I would say, that for the most part, everything is going well. The injection itself remains painless for the most part (there is a bit of a sting) and we haven't forgotten any. As for the post reaction, it to is going well if I think about what it could be.

I do wake up early (4 or 5 am) with achiness all over, but tylenol helps a lot. I find that I am particularly tired and slower on the mornings following an injection...and sometimes it can last for the entire day. I also have some strange bruise looking blotches in a couple of my injection sites. They are skin discolourations ... no accompanying lump or tenderness.

As for what I can't see or feel, my liver enzymes remain elevated (and I assume are elevating). Even though I am following my blood test schedule, as it was arranged before I started the Rebif, the clinic keeps sending me more requisitions! So sometimes I make an unscheduled trip, and sometimes I don't. I have left a message for the nurse to call me so that we can hopefully arrange a new routine.

Speaking of blood tests, today is an unscheduled day...and I got a requisition in the mail today, I will go.




Little bits about my life with MS

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