In the Kitchen #8

This is a hands down favourite for both Jason and I: Rachael Ray's Cowboy Spaghetti! I'm sure that we have made it 3 or 4 times, and every time there are leftovers that we freeze for another day.

We might start calling it "Kickin' Spaghetti". Ground Sirloin and sauce and fire roasted tomatoes...Worcestershire and onion...aged cheddar and scallions on top. Since this is a Rachel Ray recipe, you only have to use a pot to cook the noodles, and the rest is cooked in a large skillet!

Follow this link for the recipe specifics

The recipe calls for a small can of tomato sauce and a larger can of fire roasted tomatoes. We haven't found the fire roasted tomatoes to be easy to come by, so this last time we substituted Sweet Onion tomatoes. There are lots of tomato flavours to choose from! Here is the Aylmer selection:

*beware if you select the Spicy Red Pepper tomatoes...we didn't use less hot sauce, and were on fire for days!

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