It's a Flop

It has become obvious to me that learning more than the basics about cooking and sharing it here has been a flop. It isn't that I simply haven't shared my newly acquired knowledge, it's that I don't have any to share! I haven't even tried any new recipes that I can share with you.

This blog needs a makeover - again.

Speaking of makeovers, there have been some behind the scenes here (as in within the walls of my house but not visible to you). Once I decide how I feel about these makeovers, I'll share them with you.

Over Christmas, Annie and I went for a walk and I told her that wholesale changes are needed in and around my life in Winnipeg. I just have to figure out where to start and how to support the changes.

In the meantime, there is always music. Music is a good thing. I always end up dancing at some point throughout the day.

So turn up your volume and Stompa with Serena Ryder

Little bits about my life with MS

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