Life and Lemons

I really shouldn't be such a blogging delinquent. I have things to say, just ask Jason! However, I'm not sure if I have the right things to say...that is, I can't decide if this blog is the right place to put it. Right place, right time, or wrong place, wrong time. I had hoped that when I changed my blog name from Em's Bits to Recipes For Lemonade, I would allow myself some more "fun" posts. I felt that I had settled into a groove with my "new life" at home with Multiple Sclerosis and that I had discovered some great little things to take my "life lemons" and make some lemonade. It seemed like a natural and positive progression from where my blog started - "bits" on my experience as a newly diagnosed MSer (and a desire to educate others at the same time).

Oh yes, I want to do all of the above while still keeping some things private - my mom and my father-in-law read this blog and if I wouldn't tell them in person, I won't tell them on my blog.

So now for some big news...I think I might be having a relapse. On March 28, I blogged about the return of my swallowing problems. I am able to chalk that up to stress. Also around this time, and for some time after, I began to experience bouts of anxiety. At the time, I assumed it was because I was "busy" with things to do. And now, why I'm beginning to question if this is in fact a relapse, is the daily appearance of the wobbles. It came to my attention that I have taken 8mg of Serc on three (or more) consecutive days. The usual things that can bring on wobbles and I am able to control, are now out of my control...including sitting still eating my lunch.

From what I recall this is the last time I experienced a relapse . This time, I don't have the bone crushing headache. But I can add a recurrence of all-consuming fatigue this time around...with a full helping of stress.

If you are NEW (or if it has been too long since I last defined it) this is what my "wobbles" are:

I feel as if I am moving, as opposed to the world around me moving. This is also called "subjective vertigo".  I have experienced this from the beginning of my disease.

This is all my brain can handle for now...did I mention that the cog fog is also thick this past while?

Little bits about my life with MS

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