filling in the blank

Lately, I have found that my concentration has been heavily directed towards things other than my bits. And when I concentrate - I fry my brain!

So, I have a week of bits to share with you!

1. Let's start off with Rebif - my three times a week injection. It has been going really, really well. The burning sensation that happens during the 12 second injection is decreasing. The flu-like symptoms within the next 24 hours are pretty much non-existent. I received my new pharma-care deductible letter in the mail last week, and we should have that met before the end of June. The only thing is that I do have some discomfort in all six of my injection areas. Oh well.

2. I have begun the process of filling out my Canada Pension Plan Disability Application. What an ordeal this is! I have to "paint a real life picture" of my life, cleverly hidden where it can be easily viewed, in the answers to the one line questions. I am filling out this application because it is required of me, as a part of my Long Term Disability benefit with my employer.

3. Jason has been off of work for the past week with vertigo. Yes, it's been the wobbly and spiny show here at our house. It has been enlightening for Jason and I to be in somewhat reversed roles. I don't like to watch him struggle, and he has a better idea of what I experience. What has made his situation even scarier is the timing of it. Had his symptoms started one month later, he would have been close to being a copy of me, two years ago.

4. With Jason being spiny - I have driven the car for any trips that we have made.

Ok. We're all caught up...and just in time, because my head is starting to squeeze!



Little bits about my life with MS

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