It's Almost Time

I finally got to the lab for my blood tests! And on the way there, I dropped off my Rebif prescription at the store.

This means that I will be back on my Rebif either tomorrow or Monday. Jason and I have opted for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for the injections. I'll be responsible for Wednesday needles, as Jason is "OUT" on that night.

I'm nervous. I hope that my body reacts the same to the "poison" as it did last time. I had minimal site reactions and very little of the typical "flu-like" symptoms overnight or the following day. I would love to discover that the Rebif helps my fatigue!

And Air Miles! I would love to pick up an immersible blender so that I can whip up some warm milk!

Hopefully my Pharmacare deductible is close to being filled for the year, and we won't have to put out too much money for prescriptions. It will be a couple of hundred dollars alone when I pick up this first month supply. This couldn't come at a worse time, financially, but is there ever a good time?

Will my stars ever be aligned?



Join us January 29 & 30 at Polo Park Shopping Centre for a Streak Party!
It's all indoors, so no worries about the cold! For a minimum donation of $5, you can get a red clip-in streak put in your hair in support of multiple sclerosis. Anyone who registers for the 2010 Manitoba Lotteries MS Walk at Streak for MS will be entered into a draw for fantastic prizes!

Streak your hair and show your support for people living with MS!

sincere apologies

By this past Friday, I had waited long enough.

I admit to feeling like I wanted to make a point with this whole requisition fiasco. In my mind, the longer I waited to call them and say "Where is my paperwork?!", the worse they would look.

Of course, from the Clinic perspective, "You shouldn't have waited so long to call us".


Anyhoo - the call started with "sincere apologies" from the nurse. My papers: blood requisition, two prescriptions, and EDS papers had got tucked BACK into my file. I wanted to ask how this had happened THREE times...but I was nice. I did mention that I had come in person the week before....just pushing a little bit further.

Can't wait to see what next week brings!



I'm still waiting for the blood work requisition. Really.

Yet Another Clinic Experience

On December 31st, I decided that I wanted to get back on my Rebif injections. I have been off since March-April, as Jason and I tried to get pregnant. So with all other elements of the story aside, I want to strip this post down to the morons at the MS Clinic.

The Clinic left a message for me on December 31st, in response to my message that I was wanting to start my injections on January 1. I wasn't able to start back on my regular dosage amount and schedule. I would need to provide baseline blood work, and inject on a titration schedule.

Okay. No problem. The requisition for blood work was in the mail, as well as the request for the annual Exceptional Drug Status with the Provincial Government.

Let's skip along...

By Monday January 11, I hadn't received my requisition, but I had received confirmation from the government that they would accept my drug costs. I'm anxious to get started - I don't want to change my mind. So I left another message with the Clinic, including the option of using the test results from blood work that I had done at the hospital on December 14 - it would include everything they needed.

I was assured in the responding voice mail that my requisition is in the mail...

I could get my blood work done at the hospital as results would be faster than if I went to a clinic.

Roll ahead to Thursday, I'm at the hospital for another procedure, and decide to stop in at the MS Clinic and pick up a requisition so that I could stroll over to the hospital lab.

But would they give me the paper - NO!

Either the requisition is in the mail...or they have called up my chart. I could take my pick of excuses, as both were offered.

I know it's in the has been in the mail since the end of December! I'm here now! I have a stack of requisitions at home but they have the wrong phone number and fax number since the Clinic moved. I wasn't asking to see the doctor. I wasn't asking for anything pertaining to CCSVI.

I came out in the cold and poor sidewalk conditions!

I had forgotten how unhelpful, impersonal, and controlling the Clinic could be.


Aquafit Unveiled!

I have two sessions of Aquafit under my bathing suit!

And - I am really enjoying it! Who knew?!

I don't feel out of place, even though I am the "newbie" in the class. This particular class has been together for sometime. At poolside, they know where to park the scooter, and rest the cane. They know not to announce to the instructor that they are having difficulty with a particular movement. They probably even know that someone of my height shouldn't stand in the deep end of the shallow area...walking through water shoulder deep is an extra workout!

I was afraid that this class might be full of stationary exercises. I am pleased to say that it is almost all some kind of walking and stretching. We also use foam dumb bells and noodles! We ski, we power walk, we pretend to be a rocking horse, we do bicep curls, and we ride a bike!

And I...rock the noodle!

Yes, the perceived wasteful hours spent on a pool noodle in the middle of the lake, have paid off in spades.


Remember A&W Teen Burger Day?

This past August27, A&W restaurants across Canada, donated $1 from every Teen Burger sold.

And what did that add up to? How much was the donation from A&W - the swanky burger joint that serves their burgers in foil?

$400 632.12


*Regular donations were also accepted at all locations.

Thank you A&W!



I did it - I registered for "Aquafitness for MS". Class starts tomorrow.

Ten weeks of 45 minute classes (one class per week).

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. How many people will be there? How big is the pool? How hot is it in the pool area? I'm nervous, and most likely "over packing" my bag of towels and toiletries. Thank goodness I found my Crocs!

I registered over the phone, and was told that I would need to bring my own volunteer if I needed assistance in the water. This makes me think...

Have I registered for something that I may only "qualify" for in name only?


Betty and Sally Were Here

I forgot to mention to you that Betty* came here after our lunch last month. With her, came Sally (whom you remember is quiet and attentive and may fall asleep mid conversation) and they stayed here for about an hour. The visit itself was nice, as they gushed about my home and my jewelry.

But why I am choosing to tell you this now is for a not so nice or funny reason.

As per proper etiquette, they removed their foot wear at the door. First, Sally, and her big Winnipeg Winter Furry Boots: I would get tired too if I wore those! And then Betty, and her shoes...and her left leg.

Or so it appeared to me.

Betty wears a plastic brace up the back of her calf. And as it stood alone in her shoes, in front of my door, I was taken aback: it looked like a prosthetic leg.

Betty has mobility problems because of her leg. And I knew that she wore a brace, I just didn't expect it to be so prominent in my doorway. She also uses a cane - and for grander adventures - a walker (which she was recently fitted for).

Hmmm. Eyes wide open.


Little bits about my life with MS

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