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I feel like skipping two weeks of news and happenings, to share a big moment with you.

I am finally in a place with my injections where I can "shoot-and-go". On Monday night, I went to watch Jason and his curling team. Knowing that my needle is scheduled for 9 p.m., and it was the beginning of the week (thus setting the timing of the injection for the rest of the week) I decided to take the needle with me...and have Corina shoot me.

No icing. No tears. No heat. No post exposure to the air. Other than some jitters by Corina, it went off without a hitch. I'm not sure if the woman who entered the washroom just as we were setting up minded, but I'm not concerned.

So you might be wondering why I just didn't wait until I got home. Or skip a day. As I see it, I need to set good habits now. That means having each injection no sooner than 48 hours after the previous one. It also means living my life, and going out, even if it is a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. I have read blogs written by individuals who skip injections, and I have seen the figures of the number of people who stop treatment because they don't think that it's working. For myself, I'm going for the optimal outcome...which takes discipline.

Last night, after my injection, I thought back to the daily Copaxone injections. I don't know how I did that routinely for so long. I remember the production...*shudder*

And one more thing, I will be able to give myself injections if I find myself alone. As my stomach is not part of the cycle, I can always go there when necessary. But I would like to try it one day at home, just to make sure that it goes smooth (some places sting more than others).

I'll post again soon,


P.S. After Jason's game on Monday, I got on the ice to "throw some rocks". I borrowed some shoes and a broom...but there weren't any knee pads available! It was my first time ever on the ice. As a reminder, I have a 3" diameter bruise smack in the middle of my right knee (and a smaller one on my left knee). I also did some sweeping...which was much easier with two grippers on!

I saved the sweeping until the end - admittedly, it did throw my "centered-ness" off a bit. But the following day, I only suffered from the usual post injection discomfort.


Migrant Worker said...
April 3, 2008 at 2:47 p.m.

Congrats Em. Sounds like you are settling in to some kind of normalcy.

Corina You Rock!!


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