I need another tissue

The previous post to this, has a comment that has made me cry - again. Annie (my sister Andrea) wrote about her experience at the Supercities Walk for MS, which she completed yesterday.

I think that I am emotional because she got blindsided by the big reality that is Multiple Sclerosis. Sometimes, you can see the various levels of physical challenges that the myelin destruction causes and sometimes you can't. And at least once a year you can see the social impact that the disease has. The walk can stir up a whole mix of untold emotions inside you!

Once again, I have been reminded of how my disease can upset people that I don't want to be upset! I wish that we could have walked together. Or maybe that would have made the reality even bigger...which may not have been good.

I'm really struggling to get the words out right now.

I know that I am going to be met with this same emotional heavy bag in less than two weeks. I have a feeling that even if I am prepared for it this year, it will still be heavy. My own "social impact" has grown over the past year, which is evident in the size of Em's Slackers and it's honourary members.



Little bits about my life with MS

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