Here We Are

It's been some time since I shared photos with you. Or maybe it hasn't...but it doesn't matter because I have some to share now. These photos were taken by Corina, on our most recent trip to Kitchener. It was an extremely windy day and we had a hard time controlling our hair (even Jason and B). The only one without any trouble was Dude thanks to his doctor ordered cap.

 Here we are: Dude, Annie, Jason, B, R (formerly known as Nickel), Ladyfingers, Me and R (formerly known as Two Penny)

I've changed the direction of this post...the thought behind it...the subject (although it remains without a thesis). Here is the revised text -

We are currently accepting all currencies regarding my Dad's health: thoughts, energy, juju, prayers. If you can send it and it's positive, we will accept it. 

While we have no further news regarding the life of the cancer cells that invaded my dad's cranial nerves, depression, lethargy and a fever have taken over.

Little bits about my life with MS

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