where did I get that from?

I'm sure that you are wondering how my mom is doing. We joke that this has become "Her Blog", written by me.

This morning when I approached the breakfast table, I could see immediately that mom's overall "aura" was a bit better. She looked awake, she had less of a droop in her lower lip, and her speech was clearer. However, as the day progressed, and she took on tasks, things went a bit down hill.

I know how this works myself. You can be good, as long as you preserve yourself: limited action, no deep thoughts, no discussions...but that isn't living very well.

I also woke up this morning, with my cousin Richard having spent the night here at the Palace (Lady Fingers and Batman's home). Richard is a cut-up; always looking for mischief, never fears shooting out a sarcastic retort, and calls it likes he sees it.

The interesting thing is, Richard is blind. Now, you may think that I am being insensitive, referring to my cousin as "blind", when I know that the politically correct term is "visually impaired". However, I decided to clarify these terms with Richard. I asked him point blank if he preferred to be called blind or visually impaired.

This was his response, "It doesn't matter to me, either way, I can't see. But I prefer blind, so then I can be as blind as a bat. It's no fun when you are as visually impaired as a bat."

Richard is 32 years old. From what I remember, and I accept corrections to this, Richard lost his sight when he was 3 years old. Richard also likes to make sure that people know that he has had 31 shunt-related surgeries (and none since 1998). If you ask him, he may claim that the deep, head disfiguring scars on his forehead are in fact from dueling swords.

Richard has suffered from more things in his life, too personal for me here. I decided to tell you about Richard, and my mom, as they are both people in my life that are inspirational to me, more now, than they ever were before. Their spirits are strong and beautiful - pushing through, playing the cards they have been dealt - determined to win.

And some people say that I get my "win at all costs" attitude from my dad...

Until next time,



corina said...
September 13, 2007 at 10:39 p.m.

em, just got to your blog today...didn't realize i hadn't checked it since monday. i hope your mom is doing better! please pass on my concern for her... thinking of you all,

corina said...
September 14, 2007 at 5:15 p.m.

update please! whether its facebook, email or blog...or phone call??? worried for your mom...and how you're dealing too! not sure if i'll be home tonight but i will check email when i get home...
take care,

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