Oh dear, I had that dream again. The one where I'm doing my old job as a server, in one of the restaurants, with the co-workers from another restaurant. Only this time in the dream, not only could I not keep up with the requests from the patrons, but I couldn't understand them! I was getting confused, forgetting processes, forgetting requests, and I wasn't clear myself!

I have had employment on my mind alot lately. I question whether or not I am ready to attempt a gradual return to work or if I should wait and speak with my MS doctor in October. I worry about my ability to do much of anything in my job that is waiting for me. I seem to have a number of options in the level of work I can choose to do at my job (so far, as set out by my employer) as well as the amount of pay I would receive (so far, as set out by my employer).

At a regular visit to my GP two weeks ago, he assumed that I would be applying for permanent disability anytime now...

Well at least I don't consider that an option, or I would only be more confused!




Little bits about my life with MS

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