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I'm taking a break from packing my bags. Jason and I, along with Lady Fingers, are leaving for Kitchener tomorrow morning. Usually, Jason and I "stage" our packing - placing items out for packing, one week prior to departure. This time, we did not do that. So far so good.

This will be the first time that I have flown (well, the flying part doesn't really matter, it's the getting through security) with my 15 pre-filled, glass syringes, that require refrigeration. I am someone that always flies through security - no questions, no searches - just a nod. For the first time, I will also be carrying the remainder of my medications in my carry-on luggage. We actually mailed some ahead of time, as they are samples from my doctor (I can't afford to have them filled, as they aren't covered by any drug plans).

I don't think that I will be flying through security tomorrow. However, Lady Fingers will be with us - and she ALWAYS gets held up at security...

I'm a snuggler, not a smuggler,



corina said...
September 8, 2007 at 4:04 p.m.

i know ladyfingers travels with alot of paraphernalia but they really stop her? can't she just look way up and giggle at them? you'd think that such a cute ole' lady would fly through security, drugs and all. i'd be a sucker for the giggle.


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