I have tested my limits. I have done more in the past 3 days than I have done cumulatively in the past 15 months!

It all began with a plan to spend time with Andrea, something that we have not done since I moved to Winnipeg, and she had children. The plan was to go shopping and catch a Blue Jays game sometime while Jason and I are here in Kitchener.

Well...we have burned the plastic, tossed some chips, rode the rails, bought overpriced items at the Rogers Centre, power walked, and enjoyed real street-vendor BBQ!


Today, I will admit, is an off day for me. Off, in the sense that I am not taking on any out-of- home activities, nor am I doing anything mentally or physically strenuous because I woke up wobbly.

I made the decision to pack my schedule for three consecutive days because the personal fulfillment of the events far outweighed the consequences. The consequences of such planning is that I am now super sensitive to movement, and not thinking and concentrating as fluidly as I would like.

I have also been taking 2500 micro units of vitamin B12 daily. I started doing this on Monday, following the advice of a fellow person living with MS. She said that to a person with MS, B12 (injections in particular) is like speed.

Now this is not to say that no alterations were made to how I went about my business for the past three days. Care was taken to rest periodically, and avoid particular situations that I knew would be uncomfortable and "state altering" for me.

So I'm ending this post. As I type, I can feel my "state altering".



Little bits about my life with MS

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