Well, I made it through security at the Winnipeg Airport without a search, or even much of a fuss. Actually, I think that I achieved something that is so rare in a security situation - it deserves to be shared - with you.

I was so prepared for my journey through security. I had the following documentation with me: a letter from my doctor, a business card from the drug company (signed by the doctor), my official prescription receipt, and the write up that comes with prescription. Oh yes, and I had fifteen prefilled glass syringes, in a hard plastic case, packed in an insulated cooler bag, with two ice packs.

As I approached the conveyor, I pulled the insulated cooler bag out of my carry-on, and walked directly to the first of five security personnel behind the conveyor. I told her that the bag contained medication. She unzipped the bag, while asking if I had a letter from my doctor. She didn't open the hard plastic case, as I said "Yes, I have a letter right here", and pulled it from my bag. She didn't even look at the letter! She said to me in a low voice, "May I ask what the medication is for?" I responded in my direct tone, "I have MS". Her expression dropped, and she said, "Oh". She passed the bag along behind the X-Ray machine, and said something to the other security people.

Ok - I'll skip the small stuff. I proceeded through the metal detector, and went for my bags which were already at the end of the conveyor. To make a long story short, I was asked to open the cooler bag, and show the two personnel at the end my syringes.

One of the women asked me what the medication is for, and in my same direct tone, I said, "I have MS". The security man who was passing behind the two women stopped in his tracks, and returned to look at my syringes. All three of their faces dropped, and I heard two "oh"'s, as they slowly shook their heads. They admired the lock box that the needles were in, and said, "Who would want to steal these?". I responded with the monthly cost of the medication, and that I needed fifteen needles for my trip, as I need one needle per day.

They were in shock. They expressed emotion - sympathetic emotion.

Maybe I can change the world,



corina said...
September 10, 2007 at 4:46 p.m.

i'm glad it wasn't too much of a hassle for you, em. how'd ladyfingers do?

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