I'm giving the Rebiject a break...before it really, really, hurts me.

For some reason, I have developed a reactive "JUMP" when the GO button is fired...and that "nasty" liquid (that would be the Rebif) begins to enter my flesh. "Nasty" because it hurts, but wonderful still in it's own way.

As you may have guessed, it isn't good to jump when you have a needle in your arm, or leg, or upper bum cheek. It doesn't matter if I do it, or Jason does it, the click sends me through the ceiling, and that makes the "nasty" stuff hurt even more.

Tonight will be the first night for Jason to do a "Manuel" in my arm. Manual injections aren't new to us, we did them with Copaxone in certain areas on my body...but manual Rebif by Jason will be new.

Excuse me while I go and search for my inner Zen self...



Little bits about my life with MS

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