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I want to mix things up a bit...

Jason and I just got in from a walk, and I thought that I would share part of our conversation with you.

First, let me set the scene:

It's about 7:15 in the evening, a late November evening to be exact, so the darkness is out in full. The ground is covered in freshly fallen snow. We are careful to walk facing the oncoming traffic - if there was going to be traffic. We would walk on the sidewalk, but there isn't one.

I'm feeling quite toasty and warm in my new winter jacket. It's all black, with a big zip-up collar, an attached hood, and it comes down further on my hips than my previous winter jacket. My mittens are black, and since I switched them to their proper hands, they are quite cozy. My touque (a Canadian winter hat!) is pink with white stripes.

Finally, three quarters of the way through our walk, an approaching car! I fell in line behind Jason and noticed that his jacket (new 2 years ago) has reflective properties to it. Although it is mostly dark blue, it has silver toned letters and stripes that are reflective.

So here is the conversation:

Me: My jacket doesn't have anything reflective on it.

Jason: Let's see...well maybe the little words are a bit reflective..

I looked down at the small lettering on the cuff of my sleeve. Jason fell in line behind me to check out the back of my jacket.

Jason: Nope. You aren't reflective. You see...I'm dressed for safety. You...are dressed for fashion.

Me: Well then I guess that I will have to stay with you...so that you look good.




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