pent up frustration

Although I keep a pretty even temperament...emotional level-headedness...take it all in stride...sometimes I just want to have an all-out flailing fit.

Dr. E, my MS doctor called me last night, just to let me know that my platelets are going up...again. He is sending a referral to a hematologist. Yup, it is unlikely that the Rebif is causing this blood trouble. However, this Rebif holiday will prove to be useful in the latest search for answers...just in case I am a rarity. Dr E. says that it would be nice to have the platelet conundrum solved before pregnancy.

"Of course", I think to myself. I never just do something, or act off the cuff!

I have decided to keep the appointment that Dr E. got for me to see a gastrointerologist, and now I will add a hematologist (blood specialist) to my appointment schedule. I was going to cancel the gastro appointment since I had a colonoscopy two weeks ago (and everything is normal) but I am going to assume that there are other things that he may want to do/consider. No sense shorting myself!

A constant theme to this blog seems to be...I just want to live my life. I accept what I have been given, now leave me alone! Why can't they just shove me a machine, and get answers!?

I hate having this feeling of boiling frustration under my skin. I know that in a short bit I will be over it - (my sub-conscious works real hard for me). It makes me feel antsy, and stressed.

Where did I leave my zen....



Little bits about my life with MS

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