what I would say

Dear Owner

I would like to apologize for any disruption or loss that my illness has caused you or your business. I am sorry for being motivated, anxious, and selfish enough to try and return to work. Had I known ahead of time that it was going to cause you to have to adjust, and maybe do some work yourself (should my disease relapse), I would have thought about it ten times over, instead of nine.

As for the vacation pay that I accrued in the nine months that I worked for you, please pay it to me whenever you see fit, because, as you said so kindly in our last correspondence, you "deserve patience" on my part. I should have known that patience is what you need, after having made the agonizing decision regarding last year's Christmas Party.

It was irresponsible of me to think that I contributed in anyway to your business in the year leading up to the party. Any computer designs or colour selections that I made were only out of the goodness of my heart, no thanks or payment required. You were right to only invite full time employees, the wife of your partner, and the man who owns the business next door, to the party.

I would like to sincerely thank you for what you have brought to my life. You have taught me about sacrifice, patience, entrepreneurial spirit, tolerance, inclusion, exclusion, celebration, and sharing.

May your head and heart rest easy,

Emily - the employee who got MS and made you detest long term disability

P.S. Not that I think you will, but should you ever knowingly hire someone with a disability, (or have such bad luck a second time around that someone becomes disabled while employed by you!) think twice before hitting the send button on your e-mails. The next person might actually sue you, and have proof of your discrimination.

*sigh* I decided that if this blog is a place for me to vent, and let it all out...there it is. This is what I would write to the previously mentioned ass****, should I think that it would benefit me at all. Alas, I know that it wouldn't do me any good, but maybe just putting it out in cyber space will be enough.

Since I began blogging, I rarely posted of my work experience, assuming that I was showing my employer a level of respect by not letting others know what he is really like. But if this blog is to educate and inform of what MS is like for me...than I have done you and myself a dis-service.



Ladyfingers said...
December 12, 2008 at 9:55 p.m.

Em, your verbosity astonishes me.
Bring on the scrabble game.

Seriously, the whole episode angers and sickens me to the point of tears. I know how very hard you worked for him; I was actually there for some of your "banked hours" and saw how hard you pushed yourself. He is not behaving like an employer and he should certainly be wary of the words he sends in an email.

Mom XO

SS said...
December 13, 2008 at 8:17 a.m.

Loved this post!

Little bits about my life with MS

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