I'm so busy!

Well, this manual injection business is going well.
'nuff said on that subject.

My days are so busy. Yup, being a House Manager, kitty cat masseuse, and a freelance designer is tiring...and fulfilling. On top of those duties, I have books to read, television shows to watch, Scrabble games to mull over, and naps to take!

Yesterday, I worked mostly as a designer...or as a seamstress. I have become reacquainted with my sewing machine, thanks to some creative inspiration and some friendly accompaniment.

Although neither of us are sewers (even though I own a machine!) C-Dazzle and I recently fell upon the idea of a crayon roll-up that we could make, and give to our nieces for Christmas. For myself, the fun was in selecting the fabrics (3 patterns per roll-up!) and then staring at the finished product! Coming up with a prototype (I should just say pattern!), cutting, pinning, and sewing...not so much fun...but well worth it.

I have also been on an earring making kick with my beads...

What would I do without my hobbies?!



Little bits about my life with MS

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