Lately, I have found myself more aware, than in any previous year, that the end of the year is quickly approaching.

During our New Years Eve 38 EGD Party last year, one of our friends claimed 2007 to be his year. Yes, as the countdown approached, he repeatedly said that 2007 was going to be his year. This somewhat stunned the other guests, myself in particular.

We questioned his reasoning, and I am sure had sober heads been present, he may have rethought his stake to '07. We even suggested that he and I share '07, but he was determined. I will keep his reasons in confidence, but I will tell you this - his reasons did not involve medical issues, sudden and immediate alterations to life plans, or fiscal declines.

Now I realize, that in no obvious way, did I win in '07. If you examine all of the tangible evidence, this has not been my year. So I am starting my "Claim for '08" right now.

2008 is my year (and Jason's too)!

If I hear of anyone else trying to claim '08 as their own - said individual and I will have words.

'08 Emily '08 *

*can I trademark that?


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