This is a real update.

I have an appointment with the liver specialist on Thursday afternoon. So on Thursday - I will get some answers.

I haven't been having the greatest days lately. After ladyfingers and dude left, I physically crashed. It took a good four days to start to get functional again. The four days were days when as soon as I got out of bed, my head was bit spinny - no medication would help.

I had another big week-end this past week-end: the cookie marathon took a lot out of me. The original plan for the week-end was to attend a craft show, but by 5 pm on Sunday night (the craft show would start at 7), I knew that I was out. I felt like I was rocking back and forth, and walking on a merry-go-round at the same time. It was the first time in ages that I was scared to turn my head.

I didn't like admitting that the craft show was a no go. But not only am I saving myself from further physical and emotional decline, I am saving other people from attending an event (or something like it) that we may have to leave on account of my condition.

Today was also a not so good day for me. I had a small list of tasks, all to take place outside of the house. I was pro-active, and took all my medications to help prevent physical decline - but sometimes - there is nothing that can be done. Luckily, I had C. with me, and she drove me home. We had been on a site visit to a kitchen and bath reno, and I guess that I did too much thinking, and moving around in a tight space. I knew that I was in a bad head-space when we left the house, and I wasn't sure if just sitting still for a bit would correct it. I hated having to inconvenience C. to get me home.

Yes, today was pretty basic stuff. That is what scares me about my situation. I'm not sure if it will get better. When we got home, I rested on the couch, and took it easy. I made pancakes for dinner (something that is simple for me to do, and doesn't require a lot of moving around the kitchen), and right now, I'm still wobbly. *shrug*

Off to the couch I go...



Ladyfingers said...
December 20, 2007 at 1:28 p.m.

I am so at a loss for words. I am sorry about the setback. You are learning about your body and are coming to realize that yes you have MS and you will continue to have issues BUT you are also learning how & when these will happen & that rest is the answer. You will recover from them. You will adjust your life & my heart will continue to ache for you with each attack.

Mom XX

Little bits about my life with MS

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