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Ok - let's change things up a bit here. In the spirit of the Mitchell Report, Jason and I have created our own list of MLB players.

This is a list of men who are NOT on the Mitchell Report, whom as far we know, have not attempted to lengthen or boost what should be notable careers with performance enhancing drugs. We attempted to come up with names that were predominant in the juiced era. You will find both hitters and pitchers on this list. The criteria we used was a combination of homeruns, RBI's, batting average, and years played.

Frank Thomas
Ivan Rodriguez
Ken Griffey Jr
Albert Pujols
Mike Timlin
Kenny Lofton
Cal Ripken Jr
Mike Piazza
John Smoltz
Greg Maddux
Edgar Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Vladimir Guerrero
Andres Galarraga
Craig Biggio
Derek Jeter
Tom Glavine
Julio Franco
Rickey Henderson

Almost made my list:
Albert Belle
Juan Gonzalez

Not on my list:
Alex Rodriguez (I still think that his bats are suspicious, however, he could be the real deal, like Griffey).


*please keep in mind that in-depth research was NOT performed, and all interviews were OFF the record


Ladyfingers said...
December 18, 2007 at 9:37 a.m.

I consider tobacco a drug. Mike Timlin (a former fav of mine) was chewing tobacco on the mound this yr. He wasn't when he was a Blue Jay. Perhaps now that he is older he feels the NEED for this drug to "enhance" his performance. I don't know of others on your list but I'm sure many fall into this category.


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