stress and skunks

As you may have figured out, I need (and want) to understand MS. I figure that by learning and discovering everything that I can about it, I can handle it better. Yes, that means even the aspects of the disease that at this moment I don't need to worry about. I believe that a lot happens to a person in their sub-conscience...what I mean is, you can work things out within yourself, without knowingly doing so.

One of the most important things that I have read and been told by others with MS, is that by reducing and eliminating STRESS you will have better control over the exacerbations (ie. numbness, fatigue, memory).

Stress is another one of those "things" that can often be found rootin' around in your sub-conscience, causing havoc on your body, when you likely didn't even realize that you were stressed.

Ok - so where am I going with this...I have been trying really hard to eliminate and reduce stress in my life. For instance, if I am unable to have dinner ready for Jason and I when he gets home - THAT'S OK. If the dishes from dinner last night don't get washed until tonight - THAT'S OK. If the new box of taco shells drops on the floor before we eat any of them - THAT'S OK. If I have to ask Jason to help me get my lunch ready, THAT'S OK.

The examples above may all seem trivial to you when you read them here, but to me, they weren't always so trivial. Now, let's step it up a notch.

I have always been a person who has an opinion that I like to share. I almost always back the underdog. I have refused service to patrons in a full restaurant for leaving their baby in the car, while my boss stood by in disagreement. I have personally battled sexual harassment in the workplace.

Well, I am on a new path to change this part of me. I will keep you updated as I conquer myself!

But what should I do when I am the underdog? What should I do when I am being ignored and left out of things? What should I do when I'm not invited to a celebration of good cheer, friendship, and annual achievements? What should I do when I feel that my contributions have gone unnoticed and and as a result feel discriminated against, pushed out?

Well, I have the answer...NOTHING. Yes, I am learning to choose my battles. When an old battle resurfaces, the offending party is obviously lacking some human attributes...and didn't learn anything before. Dude has always said, "You can't win a pissing contest with a skunk".

And some skunks aren't worth running over because they will just stink up the whole building.

I love my sub-conscience, because this week when I found myself grappling with an old battle, I awoke one morning to hear my inner voice saying, "It's ok Em, it isn't worth it." And I believed it! I didn't challenge my inner voice! I comfortably let the battle go.



and yes, this post is related to the previous post about where I was last year.


corina said...
December 14, 2007 at 11:58 a.m.

it isn't worth it. and just so you know...i noticed your contributions and so did the grumpy guy...

way to be the bigger, better, & more human human.

what's that smell? there a skunk in the building? i gots to get outta here!

Ladyfingers said...
December 16, 2007 at 12:21 p.m.

It is always difficult for me to witness the behaviour of people who profess to be Christians but then turn around and exhibit such anti-Christian behaviour.

Once again I am very proud to call you my daughter. I love you.

Mom XX

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