I'm sorry

It seems that I have let down some loyal Bits Readers. And if you think that I am referring to just you, don't worry, it is more than just you. But I am posting today...just for you!

I have been doing pretty good lately. Ladyfingers and Dude (my dad) are here for a visit. Ladyfingers, when not rummaging through my potted plants, helps me with my beaded jewelry "enterprise". Dude, prefers to come to Winnipeg with a task in mind...so he is helping Jason and my father-in-law build a room in our basement. We live in a three year old house, with a basement that is just screaming out for some greater purpose other than a massive dumping ground (and storage for my design magazine collection)

So I have been supervising the "migrant workers", and not thinking much about the pending results of liver biopsies and the far reaching effects of such results.

I have had some developments along the medical frontier (I refer to it as a frontier in my situation, and not just a front, because it appears to be vast, scary, and unknown). Nothing has changed, however I received a repeat performance of encouragement, provided by my original neurologist:

"Emily, the issues that you are experiencing are not surprising to me. What is surprising to us is that you aren't experiencing more issues given the assault on your brain."

"Emily, you have just as much right, if not more, to be sitting in that (MS Clinic) waiting room than the people who are there."

"Absolutely, you should try to see the new MS doctor...I can't change people."

"Keep taking the lorazapam since it works. You won't develop a dependency on it because there is a physiological need for it. And besides, it takes a certain type of person to develop a dependency, and it isn't you."

And my favourite part of the conversation...I asked him if it's possible, that I am feeling a sense of small improvements everyday, I notice things are better than they would have been a month ago...is this possible?

"Absolutely. It could be years, but you will continue to feel improvements, as your brain does small bits of repair."

Rolling along with a re-newed sense of strength and optimism,



peewee said...
November 30, 2007 at 11:38 a.m.

Thanks for the update... say hi to your parents.

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