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Yesterday, was the big day, and I made it. Our 6km, Manitoba Lotteries Walk for MS was held in its *NEW* location, as a merging of the two walks normally held in the city.

I would say, that for me, and my team, "Em's Slackers", it was a great day. Although lower in numbers, and total funds raised, we recruited some new team members, and I set a personal high in funds raised. We even tried out a new cupcake flavour at our after-party!

Local radio personality, Ace Burpee, kicked off the event that brought out approximately 3,000 people. Although I don't normally listen to him, I thought that he made for a motivating and entertaining start to the day. He even personally complimented our "cool, co-ordinated gear...that's've even got hats"!

More so this year, than in the past (likely because of the merging of two events, creating more people), I was more aware of visibly younger people with walking aids. Every time I moved past someone with a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair, I thought...someday, that could be me. Am I passing this person while using patience and respect?

The race is to cure the disease, not finish the walk.

Respect is for everywhere but the cupcake tray...



Ladyfingers said...
April 28, 2009 at 8:22 a.m.

Sure looks like a good time! And to think that D. & I walked with you guys, thousands of miles away,where there were no smiling people & yummy cupcakes to greet us! We did however have tea & a muffin at the halfway point. There was a cold wind so it warmed us up.
Maybe Ontario MS should walk on the same day as you do. Congrats Em, 6 km is quite a distance.Your whole team is just awesome!!
Mom XO

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