Today, I went to Curves. I haven't been since July, despite my spirit being willing. I think that if I remind myself of my goal: I want increased flexibility and strength; then I should be able to go on a regular basis. Such a goal should be easy to achieve and maintain, with little room for disappointment or failure. I know that it sounds random and unstructured, but that's what I need.

Manitoba Lotteries MS Walk is fast approaching...Sunday April 26, to be exact. Our team lost a couple of members this year, due to previous commitments. I hope that they will return next year. We also picked up a handful of new members...most exciting. Our new members are family members.

If you have read back in my posts, or followed me for some time, you will know that the Walk means a lot to me. It is an emotional day and event. To have people wear the Em's Slackers colours within that mass of people, is important to me. For me, it represents not only support for me and MS, but also support for Jason.

Speaking of support, Phil Keoghan has completed Day 18. 1700 miles.

Go Phil!



Little bits about my life with MS

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