Em's Slackers

Here is my plan to raise money for my MS Walk team, Em's Slackers! I have worked out a small product line, (full of yummy scents) with the help of a wonderful artist on Etsy. From now, until April 26, Em's Slackers are selling the following:

Help Kiss Off MS! Lip Balm
Help Wash Away MS! Soap
Help MS and Dry Skin Disappear Hand and Body Lotion
Help Dissolve MS! Wax Fragrance Melts

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please visit my Etsy shop to contact me. In my shop, you will find a "contact emmsgems" option on the right side of the screen, with my other info.

I feel that there is a large untapped market for donations. While I would prefer straight donations, I am hoping that the sale of these products will compliment our total dollars raised.



corina said...
April 8, 2009 at 6:17 p.m.

now that i have samples...took an order at work today for lemon lime zinger lip balm, satsuma soap, AND granni's kitchen wax melt! i have another pending order...pending on pay day ;p

hooray for bovine bubbles for generously helping em's slackers' fundraising efforts, hooray for genius ideas that flow through em's head & hooray for people smelling yummy! my office has never smelled so good!

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