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Em's Slackers is the name of the MS Supercities Walk team of Emily Fryer, also known as, emmsgems. Sales of selected bovinebubbles products and scents, made directly through Emily, go towards the Slackers donation to MS.

If you would like to purchase some products, including Help Kiss Off MS! Lip Balm, please email Emily at gem_s [!at] Orders must be paid for using PayPal at the time of order. All product will be shipped within the first couple of weeks of May.

Help Kiss Off MS! Lip Balm - $3.50 plus shipping
available in Lemon Lime Zinger, Vanilla, Satsuma

Help Wash Away MS! Soap - $5.00 plus shipping
available in unscented, Satsuma, Vanilla Sandalwood, Cake Bake

Help Melt Away MS! Fragrance Wax Melts - $5.00
available in Cantaloupe Melon, Creamsicle, Vanilla

Help End MS and Dry Skin! Hand and Body Lotion - $6.00
available in unscented, Satsuma, Vanilla Sandalwood, Buttercream Icing

Packages!!! are also available:

Birthday Cake - $10.00 includes Cake Bake soap and Buttercream Icing lotion

Fruit Basket - $12.00 includes Lemon Lime Zinger Lip Balm, Satsuma Soap, Cantaloupe Melon Wax Melt

Vanilla Lover's Dream - $18.00 includes Vanilla Lip Balm, Vanilla Sandalwood Lotion, Vanilla Sandalwood Soap, Vanilla Wax Melt


Little bits about my life with MS

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