diabled parking - again

I think that I had intended to mention this some time ago - and I didn't. My trip to the hospital the other day reminded me that I wanted to share this with you.

The Winnipeg Parking Authority recently (as in within the past six months) changed the parking rules for people who have disabled parking permits. In the past, the permit allowed the person to park for free in City parking lots and street spaces. Street parking spots were accompanied by individual parking meters.

Individual parking meters are now a thing of the past, and free parking for disabled persons has also been wiped out. Instead, you pay for your parking at a central meter, and return to your car with a ticket. You can either pay by cash, or credit card, and can even pay by telephone! This insures that you don't have to hurry back to your car when your time is up, you can phone in and charge it to your credit card! whooppeeee! The city is also promising designated handicapped parking on the streets.

There are some obvious reasons why disabled people do not benefit from this! But on Monday, when I experienced it first hand, I realized how poor it really is.

It's November, and Winnipeg has already been hit with snow-rain-sleet-freezing-thawing-freezing weather. This makes for crunchy, slippery, and uneven sidewalks (already a challenge for a well-moving person, not to mention a person with mobility issues). But I crunched along, thankfully at this time, with the grace and agility of a well-moving person. When I arrived at the central parking meter, I discovered that it was at curb level, at the base of a cement pad slope. I would guesstimate that the slope equalled about a 12" (one foot) drop.

In fairness to someone, the cement pad slope was clear of ice, snow, and any other debris...but come on! What if I had a walker, or a cane! The Parking Authority thinks that they are doing me a favour by letting me call them, and charge the fee to my credit card.

The change in parking policy is a step backwards for equal and accessible living!

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Anonymous said...
November 20, 2008 at 3:46 p.m.

you can also have the experience i had today where the meter wasn't accepting coins or credit card and have to make your way to the meter at the end of the block. but then i didn't know about the phone-in option...huh! next time i'll know and save my face from freezing off. you're right tho' it is more treacherous than just plugging in a tiny meter right beside your car.

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