how I'm dealing with word finding

Once upon a time, I was articulate, well spoken, and used complete sentences in conversation.

Now, I pause...mumble, struggle to remember dates, times, words...

I'm sure that I have told you how I, lover of colour and all things design, have completely called something by it's wrong colour name...but at least I knew that it was a colour! On the other end of the spectrum, I fail to see the relationship between a "needle" and a "noodle", but my brain seems to think that in the moment, these two are interchangeable.

So I'm not sure if I should be bothered by my latest verbal gaffe. In some aspects, these two items totally relate to each other, and in another...not so much.

Jason and I own a six year old mid-high end luxury SUV (I'm telling you that, because it is important to the definition and description of the event). Over the past couple of years, it has had its share of recalls and other service related troubles...expensive troubles. This past week, she (the SUV) is in the shop again, and I called my parents to express my disgust with her.

In a voice heightened with a conversation free of my usual sarcasm and jolliness...a conversation with serious undertones, due to the amount of dollars attached to the subject...I blurted out,

"It's a MELON!"

Chuckles. Laughter. Almost hysterics on all three telephone receivers.

"Don't you mean, "lemon"?

Right letters. Wrong order. At least it was still a fruit, albeit it sweet, not sour.



ladyfingers said...
November 24, 2008 at 1:22 p.m.

Well Em, if you can still use words like "verbal gaffe" to describe your new idiosyncracies, I really wouldn't worry too much. Laughter is an excellent way to react to those minute little "slips". As for the Rendezview it's too bad you couldn't see the whole picture before you bought it.

Mom XO

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