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I'll warn you now...this post has nothing to do with MS. It barely even relates to me...it's all about what I see out my windows. Or should I say what I don't want to see out my window...

I envy the seemingly endless amount of energy that my backyard neighbour has. Maybe that hot pink thong has a hidden power pack in it. And her husband...he's just a lump. I haven't posted anything about them in some time, but what I just saw warrants an update.

Keep the following in mind, my family room window (seven feet wide by five feet high) is less than thirty feet away from the start of their backyard. And our window is over five feet off of the ground. I don't spy...they just happen to be standing on their deck, or sitting in their kitchen when I see them. Even when they stand on their lower deck, I can see them. We are in a new development, so while there is a fence between us, there aren't any mature trees.

Last night, there was a man on their deck wearing a tool belt. After three and half years, and watching the stepford wife do EVERYTHING while her lump watches, this was an odd site. Jason caught a glimpse of a volt tester, and deduced that this man may be an electrician. From what we have seen them do in their yard...they need professionals. The most recent was putting poly (clear plastic sheeting) down on their yard, and covering it with stones.

Only now, am I thankful for the electrician last night. Because today, I saw the lump in a bathing suit, climbing into a brand spankin' new hot tub on his lower deck. I'm worried that I might be exposed to a hot pink bikini, or something even worse...

Do you think that he knows you shouldn't get a stepford wife wet?



Ladyfingers said...
July 17, 2008 at 2:27 p.m.

Hmm...methinks, having seen this pair myself, that suddenly spying and alarm setting just may be in order. Like "lifeguarding".

Mom XO

corina said...
July 17, 2008 at 3:53 p.m.

can't wait to experience the 'sights' whilst drinking rum and coke on your deck...maybe i'll get drunk and tell them what you think of them. muhahaha

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