a peek into my tidy house

I realized last week that I am avoiding doing any large "projects" in my house because I don't want to make a mess. Projects may include cleaning out a drawer or a closet, starting a craft project or anything else that requires taking things out, and amassing piles.

I just finished designing and assembling a beaded necklace, and I put every last bead container away. I don't do much beading these days because I don't have the concentration required (or the concentration I think that I require) to imagine the finished piece. But when I do, it is pretty much a start to finish job.

I thought that I was avoiding "messes" because I was afraid I wouldn't have the energy to clean it up, or finish the project in one sitting. I have always disliked clutter, as well as having anything out of place in the main part of the house.

In order to stay on top of "clutter", I putter around putting things away. One sure sign of me having an off day, is the lack of puttering that I exhibit. "Puttering" requires walking around, the number one thing that I can't do if I'm wobbly. There isn't order or a systematic nature to my puttering...hence, puttering.

Today, a relatively good day (except for a slightly annoying headache) I put a different spin on the reason behind my lack of projects. Keeping the house tidy is something that I can control...for the most part. Some days, it is out of my control. So if I avoid creating situations that at some point require tidying, I am always in control.

If I continue to spend every day in my safe and tidy bubble...I will go crazy. I'll be in control, but I will be certifiable.

Feeling a bit obsessive,



corina said...
July 25, 2008 at 12:19 a.m.

dude. i totally feel that frustration every time jay cooks. must be in control...must clean up after messes...sounds like we both need to take a chill pill. i'll help you make some messes next week and then i'll stick around to clean them up too. deal?

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