to alarm or not

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I took my amantidine (one capsule in the am and one at lunch time). I feel that I had a fairly productive two days. Was it the amantidine? I don't know. Today, I took one capsule in the am, and I intentionally didn't take the second one.

I didn't want to take any amantidine today. I felt good this morning. Today, was the first day in a string of days that I got out of bed after just one snooze on my alarm clock. I was groovin' along really well this morning, and then I suddenly found myself at the bottom of a big hill, glassy eyed and I decided to take one pill for the day. It's turning out to be an okay day...not a lot of energy, but not totally zonked either.

But here is the thing...

You know how I started setting my alarm for 9 am, and was going to get up no matter what. I would eat and shower, and then decide the course of my day from there. Well, I have been having a lot of difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. I hit the snooze button an average of three times per morning.

I'm telling you all of this now, because I just found myself rejoicing in the fact that today is Friday! I don't have to set my alarm tomorrow morning...week-ends are free! yippeeee!
Nobody makes me get up but this alarm business really doing me any good?




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