I think that I have been a heavy weight on the medical system lately. I have seen a number of specialists and I have only waited for what seemed like an eternity for one of them (a sleep disorder specialist). I didn't wait for tests, and I didn't wait for results. I have had 5 MRI's in a year (3 in 10 weeks!). Let's not forget that I was rushed to see a hepatologist, and received a liver biopsy!

On paper, wait times don't seem like much of an issue. But now, my feelings are starting to change. As far as I'm concerned, this is crunch time, and the system isn't doing me right.

Today, I spoke with the physiotherapist that I need to see in order to best restore my perceptions. She has an eight week...no wait...twelve week waiting list! But lucky me, because I'm not working, and I said that I am available on short notice...I'm on the short notice cancellation list.

And then there is the wait time at the MS Clinic. I spoke with my "favourite" nurse last week, and she has mailed me my new prescription, along with the requisitions for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly blood tests. When starting the medication, it is recommended that the patient have a check-up with the doctor at the three month mark. I have a previously scheduled appointment for what will be close to four weeks...and that will be my check-up. The doctor is booked up until well after three months. Wow...if he can't see me, for a recommended check-up, who is going to read the lab results from the blood tests?

At this point, I'm also not scheduled for any MRIs. It has been almost 10 months since my last brain MRI. I was on therapy for 29 weeks and I am about to start another therapy. So we have no record as to how the first therapy worked, and we have no starting brain images for the new therapy. This means that the clinic puts patients on drugs without knowing the current medical state of the central nervous system. The drugs are meant to slow the progression of the disease, and promote the regrowth of myelin (if only slightly)...how do they expect to track the internal activity?

Ugh, I'm getting wobbly. Time to check-out...



Little bits about my life with MS

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