January seems to be my "happenings"month. I'm not talking about anniversaries or birthdays...just big happenings. Some are life changing events, and some are just dumb luck (or is it un-luck?).

Here are a few:

January 1993 - I had a large cyst removed from my neck...very scary at the time, now I just have a scar

January 2001 - I moved to Winnipeg...very scary at the time, now I'm a 'Pegger.

January 2005 - Jason and I moved into our "new house"...very overwhelming at the time, now I can't imagine not being here

January 2007 - I am diagnosed with MS...very scary at the time...

Hmmm, I will have to wait and finish 2007's recollection at a later date. However, if I was to examine the January trend, everything is going to be OK.



Little bits about my life with MS

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