Supercities Walk

We're back...Em's participants in this years Supercities Walk for MS...April 27 2008.

This year we would love to have more than four members, and we hope that by organizing early, we have left time for you to join us...and if not join us...pledge us!

Last year, as a team we raised $1554 plus one member's misappropriated contributions. Jason himself raised $835 - a Highstepper! Even our team garnered a bronze!

Fundraising couldn't be easier - you can mail us a cheque, drop off some cash at our door, or pledge online!

To pledge online, please follow this link:

To join us, please follow this link:

The following two posts are copies of the individual e-mails that Jason and I sent out after last years walk.

I personally hope to walk this year - that's why you can pledge myself, or Jason, or Em's Slackers (pledges to the team gets spread evenly amongst all members).



Little bits about my life with MS

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