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"Here to call the battle of Alberta, Bob and Garry."

Tonight, those were the words of Hockey Night in Canada rink side reporter, Cassie Campbell. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the statement, except that she said it before the Toronto - Ottawa game! Calgary and Edmonton didn't play each other tonight...Edmonton don't play tonight at all!

The blunder in the statement is embarrasing, hockey fan or not. She is a Canadian Women's Hockey Icon! She is Canadian! She has 21 medals, 17 of them are gold! She is a former captain of the Canadian Womens Hockey team!

On Oct 14 2006, she became the first female Hockey Night in Canada colour commentator when Bob Cole was snowed in down the highway in Buffalo. Previous to that one appearance, and ever since, her role on HNIC has been that of a rink side reporter. I didn't hear Cassie on that game, but I have seen her work since then. With more that one year on the job, I fail to see what she brings to the broadcast: she is quiet and emotionless. She is about as captivating as watching the zamboni.

May she do better as Scotiabank's special advisor on hockey related initiatives (as announced on January 18).



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