no need for DNA testing

Ok - let's discuss something other than MS. I will be doing enough of that later today when I write down all of my questions and concerns for my appointment tomorrow.

I am happy to hear that my spirit is currently embodied by my youngest niece - 2penny (Rebeccah). What a blessing for her family! Independence, creativity, cute-as-a-button looks, sincerity...and we are both Leo's being tormented by Virgo's! Now unfortunately for her, this means that she is also misunderstood, taunted, and punished for behaviours that she: a) had no part in ; or b) she was loured into by her older sister.

Now when Rebeccah is no longer a 2penny, when she is closer to 3tens, the truth will be revealed to all. Crimes of old, when the punishment has been served, and the statutes of limitations have been lifted, will have new evidence, and individuals who bared witness will come forward. In some cases, the original perpetrator will speak out in an attempt to cleanse her soul.

The result will be the vindication of 2penny!

Now how 2penny's own spirit merges with mine over time will be interesting to witness. Let's face it, she has the DNA of not 1, but 2 parents who are both older siblings...and most importantly, she has the DNA of her mother...independence, creative, cute-as-a-button-looks, sincerity...

A proud Auntie Em!


Anonymous said...
October 22, 2007 at 9:13 a.m.

Well, 2penny and family were here for dinner last night.
I'd like to know whose "spirit" was in her when she took her cup of Rooibas tea and milk and turned it upside down on the table.


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