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When I hung up the phone with the MS nurse on Monday, I did still go to the fridge and remove my needle for that evening. But I have not had any needles since Sunday night.

I am also cutting back on the pills that I take for my "head in relation to space" problems. In particular, I am cutting back, and hopefully eliminating the Lorazepam (also know as Ativan) from my daily schedule.

This is, again, my own decision, and I came to it for many reasons. Most importantly, I want to know how well I can function without the I able to control my situations...stop when I should stop?

I am also assuming that a time will come again when my head is really, really bad and I will want the pills then. So rather than having to increase the dose, I would prefer to start over. I also knew going in to it, that Lorazepam/Ativan can be habit forming...and despite what some people told me, having MS is not an excuse to become addicted to something like that.

Going for a nap...



Little bits about my life with MS

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