Happy Halloween!

I was laying in bed last night, thinking of Halloween memories...

I can remember dressing up as a bunny. Prior to going out trick-or-treating, I was hoping along, as all bunnies do, when I smacked into a night table beside my parents bed! Blood came pouring out from below my quivering bottom lip. I still have a scar.

I also remember dressing up as Princess Diana, with Andrea as the Queen, and my neighbour Mark, as Prince Charles. It was just after Prince William was born, so I carried around a doll wrapped in a blanket. William got so heavy in my arms, that I ended up carrying him in the treat bag instead!

During our trick-or-treating years, we lived in a HUGE subdivision. It also seems as if more people were home back in those days, waiting to "shell out", compared to now. We had to do the neighbourhood in two parts - stopping at home at the halfway mark to empty our loot bags because they were too heavy!

When we finished for the night, we would come home and examine our piles of loot on the living room floor. Mom and Dad would always have a peek, and grab a few treats for themselves. This past summer, my mom told me what her favourite chocolate bars are. They certainly weren't a kind that I have ever tried myself. I quickly realized (and maybe she did too) that I have never tried them because they never stayed in my Halloween loot pile for longer than a minute!

I'm pretty sure that Andrea scammed me out of some candy too - I sure hope that my spirit protects 2Penny's loot this year!

Halloween Apples!


Oh yes, and if Scooby-Doo comes to my door this year, I promise not to call him Snoopy!


Ladyfingers said...
November 1, 2007 at 11:02 a.m.

2Penny made out just fine. When Daddy ran home with their loot in one bag to be dumped out Gramma sorted it equally into 2 bags. And darn it all there was only 1 teenie tiny Mars bar in the whole lot! Naturally I scoffed it because there was only 1.

Gramma Ladyfingers

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