Yet Another Clinic Experience

On December 31st, I decided that I wanted to get back on my Rebif injections. I have been off since March-April, as Jason and I tried to get pregnant. So with all other elements of the story aside, I want to strip this post down to the morons at the MS Clinic.

The Clinic left a message for me on December 31st, in response to my message that I was wanting to start my injections on January 1. I wasn't able to start back on my regular dosage amount and schedule. I would need to provide baseline blood work, and inject on a titration schedule.

Okay. No problem. The requisition for blood work was in the mail, as well as the request for the annual Exceptional Drug Status with the Provincial Government.

Let's skip along...

By Monday January 11, I hadn't received my requisition, but I had received confirmation from the government that they would accept my drug costs. I'm anxious to get started - I don't want to change my mind. So I left another message with the Clinic, including the option of using the test results from blood work that I had done at the hospital on December 14 - it would include everything they needed.

I was assured in the responding voice mail that my requisition is in the mail...

I could get my blood work done at the hospital as results would be faster than if I went to a clinic.

Roll ahead to Thursday, I'm at the hospital for another procedure, and decide to stop in at the MS Clinic and pick up a requisition so that I could stroll over to the hospital lab.

But would they give me the paper - NO!

Either the requisition is in the mail...or they have called up my chart. I could take my pick of excuses, as both were offered.

I know it's in the has been in the mail since the end of December! I'm here now! I have a stack of requisitions at home but they have the wrong phone number and fax number since the Clinic moved. I wasn't asking to see the doctor. I wasn't asking for anything pertaining to CCSVI.

I came out in the cold and poor sidewalk conditions!

I had forgotten how unhelpful, impersonal, and controlling the Clinic could be.



Karla said...
January 20, 2010 at 9:46 p.m.

It's so shocking and sad to hear that a place where you would expect advocacy, support and understanding above and beyond the call of duty grants you the exact opposite.

High On Craft said...
January 22, 2010 at 11:11 a.m.

Karla took the words right out of my mouth; and translated them into a far more eloquent statement than I would have. Mine might have contained an expletive or two. ;o)

As if you don't have enough challenges...

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