Betty and Sally Were Here

I forgot to mention to you that Betty* came here after our lunch last month. With her, came Sally (whom you remember is quiet and attentive and may fall asleep mid conversation) and they stayed here for about an hour. The visit itself was nice, as they gushed about my home and my jewelry.

But why I am choosing to tell you this now is for a not so nice or funny reason.

As per proper etiquette, they removed their foot wear at the door. First, Sally, and her big Winnipeg Winter Furry Boots: I would get tired too if I wore those! And then Betty, and her shoes...and her left leg.

Or so it appeared to me.

Betty wears a plastic brace up the back of her calf. And as it stood alone in her shoes, in front of my door, I was taken aback: it looked like a prosthetic leg.

Betty has mobility problems because of her leg. And I knew that she wore a brace, I just didn't expect it to be so prominent in my doorway. She also uses a cane - and for grander adventures - a walker (which she was recently fitted for).

Hmmm. Eyes wide open.



Little bits about my life with MS

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