3 more sleeps and nausea

I have my annual check-in with Dr E, my MS neurologist on Monday. This week-end, I will be preparing my list of questions, remembering that it is MY appointment time, and I'm allowed to get all of my questions out.

My first question will be about MS and nausea. On-line, I have found conflicting info on whether the two things can be related. I have no trouble finding people with both MS and nausea, but they too get conflicting answers.

It seems to make sense that they can be related, as MS is all about nerves, and the digestive system is not off limits. No part of the body is off limits to MS.

I can eliminate some potential nausea inducers:

1. My nausea is not connected to vertigo - I'm vertigo free (unless I'm silly and walk in a circle). 2. I'm also not taking any new medications, which could cause nausea.
3. I've been scoped and watched by a gastro doctor - no issues to report.

While out picking up a B-Day present for 3Cent tonight, I intended to buy some ginger to help me with the nausea. But - I forgot. The nausea causes me to eat poorly, and be all-around a bit cranky.

Maybe if I get cranky enough, Jason will run out and get me something.



Little bits about my life with MS

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