the waiting game

And now we wait. I had my liver biopsy this past Thursday. A doctor, guided by an ultrasound machine and his fingers, removed a teensy-tiny piece of my liver. The piece was removed via a needle, and a petite hole that he made in my body with a pre-poke, and the needle itself.

In retrospect, I suppose the experience was kind of cool. The liver is first examined by an ultrasound technician, and then the doctor comes in to "mark the spot". The location of choice for this doctor was in between my ribs.

If you have never had an ultrasound performed before, let me say that they aren't as comfortable as they appear in Hollywood. The hand-held portion is twisted around, angled, pushed, and twistedpushedangled all at the same time. And then the doctor kept jamming and digging his fingers into my ribs.

"Your ribs are a bit strange over here", he said.
"Oh, I broke four of them a while ago", I responded.
"And how did you do that!?", asked the technician.
"Tobogganing", I squelched.
"Ohhhhhh", they said in unison.

So the doctor finds the prime area of liver, and makes a "dent" to mark the spot. An injection of freezing is then put in to the area, including the liver capsule. After following a couple of breathing instructions, I heard a loud pop, felt a tug inside, and that was it.

And now we wait.

We wait for the results of the biopsy. We wait for the MS Clinic to receive word from the Hepatologist regarding the pending relationship between my liver and the proposed MS therapy. We wait for a prescription to arrive in the mail.

I'm waiting, but I think that I already know the answer.



corina said...
November 26, 2007 at 4:29 p.m.

inspiration****inspiration****blog every other day****inspiration ;p

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