Monopoly - Here and Now

So have you seen the new Monopoly game? It is being advertised on television and it is also in the stores (including Shoppers Drug Mart...go figure).

If you haven't, it isn't what you would imagine, by Monopoly standards anyway. It isn't the World Edition, or the Celebrity Incarceration Edition, or even the Grey's Anatomy Edition! The new edition is "CASHLESS"!

No, you don't get Boardwalk just by being the first to land on it. It is cashless because there isn't any paper money in the game! Each player can keep track of their cash using a plastic card, in a plastic electronic machine that looks like a pin pad machine! Transactions are made using this machine, instead of exchanging the colourful money. From the commercial, I could clearly see that Visa is in on this "reality" game.

Now lets talk about what this means...

Monopoly first came out about 72 years ago - why tinker with perfection - it's a classic.

I learned to make change with that will this generation learn to count?

What happens to the banker? I never wanted to play, I just wanted to dole out the pretty money!

What about Free Parking?

And...most importantly, when I do decide to play, how can I cheat?!

Did I say that?


I was wondering how many licensed versions of Monopoly there actually are, but I couldn't find an exact number. Here is a list of some that I bet you didn't know existed (American Only):

U.S. Space Program
Red Sox Edition
My Fantasy Baseball Edition
Peanuts Collector's Edition
My American Idol Edition
U.S. Army Edition
Michael Graves Design Edition
Inflatable Edition
John Deere Collector's Edition
Best Buy Corp. Edition

...and until the latest Here and Now Canadian Edition, there has only been one Canadian Edition, released in 1982


Ladyfingers said...
November 19, 2007 at 2:47 p.m.

Methinks thou dost think too much....Give that poor brain a rest.

Mom XX

Emms said...
November 19, 2007 at 3:03 p.m.

I wish that I had control over my brain...then I wouldn't find myself in half of the situations that I am in!

As for Monopoly, isn't half the fun comparing "situations" with your opponents: who is hoarding the golden 100's; who has more mortgaged properties; how upset will you make the landlord by of a property by paying in white $1 bills?

Little bits about my life with MS

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