Only 50 in Canada!

Yesterday did not go as I had envisioned. I had an appointment with a hepatologist (liver specialist) to review the results of the blood work and ultrasound that I had done in the spring. The need to review these tests resurfaced, because I need/want to start my next MS therapy as soon as possible.

As per Health Canada, no MS patient can begin beta interferon treatment without prior liver testing. I expected to hear that I have a fatty liver, and that the regular monthly testing of my liver enzymes while on the beta interferon would be acceptable.

Instead, I was told that I do have some fat in my liver, however the concern for me starting on an interferon is because of something else. While testing in 5 areas concerning the liver, I showed no readings in 4 areas, but I did show low counts in the fifth area. The fifth area represents the possibility of a disease called autoimmune hepatitis. In order to know for sure, I am having an ultrasound guided liver biopsy next week, as well as more blood tests.

This time, it didn't take months for me to have the urge to scream and cry, and pound out my frustrations, fears, and disbelief. It only took about an hour, but I was in public, so it didn't happen.

So what about the doctor who ordered these tests back in the spring, you may be wondering. I wasn't wondering about him until early this morning. I mean, I won't assume that he necessarily dropped the ball himself, maybe he passed on files to another doctor. But from what I learned yesterday, the doctor didn't leave Manitoba until the end of September. And...there are only about 50 hepatologists in Canada. I guess it's a good things that my MS doctor follows the rules set out by Health Canada, and insisted on a second look at my tests. In case I didn't mention this before, neither my MS doctor nor my family doctor received reports from the original hepatologist. I didn't see him for a follow-up appointment either.

Well the new hepatologist seems keen to help me, and efficiently too! He asked me when we need to start my treatments, and I said, "This month". So he said that he would make that possible...I watched and heard him make the appointment for the biopsy next week! Nice guy! Let's focus on him, instead of the negligent and delinquent person who filed me away earlier.

Taking deep breaths in...



Ladyfingers said...
November 9, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.

Slowly blow that breath out Em.

I'm now doing the intake while I count to 10.

Mom XX

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